The town of Lopar is 14 km far from the city of Rab. Lopar is situated on a peninsula on the northwestern part of the island of Rab. The Lopar’s most known product is tourism which is based on the 22 beautiful sandy beaches available there. Not only tourism, but also farming, animal husbandry and fishing are some of the activities of the local population.

The most known beach is Raj beach (or «Rajska plaža»). The thin sand, 1.5km of beach, the pine forest on the edges and a lot of entertainment contents make this beach one of the most known in Croatia and Europe.A lot of tourists is attracted by the mild air and the landscape. Lopar has also three nudist beaches: Sahara, Ciganka and Stolac.

This touristic place offer a lot of entertainment contents like the sports center (tennis, soccer, mini golf, beach volley, table tennis, tennis school etc.), the restaurants and a lot of water sports and fun. The underwater cave «Medova buža» is a natural phenomenon that marks this place and a lot of sensational weddings takes place in this cave. This cave is also a natural shelter for the Mediterranean monk seal.

The most known historical personality is surely the sculptor Saint Marin born in the 4th century. It’s him that is considered the founder od the Republic of San Marino. The traffic connection to Lopar is very good, you can reach it by the ferry line Jablanac – Mišnjak and Valbinska – Lopar. The distance from Rijeka is 110km and from Zagreb 190km.

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